Mega storage

Mega Storage Zambezi Junction

Mega Storage Zambezi Junction, located on the parking level of Zambezi Junction shopping center, is a modestly-sized facility featuring 57 individual units ranging from 10 to 13 square meters in size.

Mega Storage Sinoville Corner

Situated on the parking level of Sinoville Corner Shopping Center, Mega Storage Sinoville Corner stands as an exemplar of our smaller-scale offerings. Boasting a total of 57 individual units, this facility presents a diverse range of dimensions, spanning from 10 to 26 square meters.

Mega Storage Silverton

Mega Storage Silverton is the largest among its establishments, featuring an impressive array of 530 units. Alongside its vast storage capacity, the facility houses three strategically located offices, catering to diverse client needs. Additionally, a convenient packaging store offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality packaging supplies for purchase.

Mega Storage Montana

Mega Storage Montana stands as our illustrious second-largest facility within the esteemed Mega Storage portfolio, boasting an impressive array of 333 units, all of which are 18 square meters in size. You also have access to an on-site packaging store.

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