Phutura Farms (Pty) Ltd

Established in March 2021, located in Daspoort Pretoria – We farm according to strict quality standards and are Global GAP Registered November this year (2022).


Rainbow Junction

In 2011, two visionary families united their lands, driven by a shared ambition to create something exceptional. This ambitious undertaking led to the birth of Rainbow Junction, a visionary mixed-use modern lifestyle development situated in the vibrant locale of Annlin, Pretoria

Viking Park (Pty) Ltd

Since 1998, we have managed a 34% stake in Viking Park, overseeing a portfolio with 8320 square meters of industrial space and 1181 square meters of retail space, primarily focused on investments in Thornton, Western Cape.


Magato Fuel (Pty) Ltd

Engen Fuel Station, a thriving joint venture established in 2021, stands as a premier fueling destination with a spacious Gross Lettable Area of 755 square meters. The station offers a contemporary atmosphere, cutting-edge pump technology, and an array of fuel options to cater to diverse customer needs.

Erandio (Pty) Ltd

Erandio Renewable, a forward-thinking company, officially came into existence in 2021, driven by a passion for creating a sustainable future. Specializing in renewable energy, Erandio Renewable is at the forefront of environmental consciousness. With a substantial 1.5 Megawatts of power already installed and managed, the company exemplifies its commitment to promoting green energy solutions


Mega Storage

Established over 30 years ago, Mega Storage has been one of Pretoria’s leading storage facilities.
Our facilities are primarily based in the northern suburbs of Pretoria.

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