Sinoville Centre

The land for the Centre was acquired in 1996. One of its notable features is its association with Pick n Pay, as the renowned supermarket chain was the first tenant to sign up. At the time, it boasted the largest Pick n Pay Supermarket in the Pretoria area.

Sinoville Corner

The original land was acquired in 1970 and housed a roadhouse café, along with four smaller shops. Sinoville Corner was meticulously developed and officially opened its doors in 2013.

Zambezi Junction

Zambezi Junction, a prominent retail and office complex, was established in the vibrant area of Montana, Pretoria. The land was acquired in the late 1990s, and after a meticulous development process, the center was officially opened in 2007.


Grootfontein 3

Acquired in 2001, is an extensive 498-hectare land development project in Grootfontein, Pretoria. With mixed-use zoning, it accommodates various purposes such as commercial, retail, energy, industrial, and educational facilities, fostering a vibrant community catering to diverse needs and industries.


Aloe Acres

Constructed in 2013, Aloe Acres is an exclusive townhouse complex comprising eight meticulously designed units. This luxurious property offers residents spacious living spaces and contemporary amenities in the sought-after location of Montana, Pretoria.

Eco Road

Eco Road is a unique development spanning four stories and 654.16 square meters in Fish Hoek, Western Cape. These prime residential apartments offer stunning sea views, blending historical significance with contemporary design, providing a glimpse into modern coastal living.

Eridanus Heart

Eridanus Heart, an upscale residential development, is situated in the prestigious suburb of Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria. The property was acquired in 2017, and development commenced in 2021, culminating in its completion in 2022.

Grootfontein Country Estates

Acquired in 1995, this exceptional estate spans 371 sqm and features 371 thoughtfully divided 1-hectare plots. Offering a blend of space, privacy, and natural beauty, the majority of plots have been sold, establishing thriving residential communities.

Hillside Fish Hoek

Hillside Fish Hoek, a historic residential property in Fish Hoek, Western Cape, acquired in the 1950s. It will be transformed into three north-facing apartments with stunning sea views, maximizing its potential. The ambitious brownfields development is set to be completed by 2024, covering 2193 square meters, offering luxurious living in a prime location

Mont Acres

Mont Acres, developed in 2018, is a modern residential gem in the heart of Montana, Pretoria. Offering a diverse range of housing options, including apartments, simplex, and duplex townhouses, this exquisite property caters to various lifestyle preferences.

Rietvlei View Country Estates

Rietvlei Country Estates, acquired in 2002, encompasses 522 hectares of land subdivided into 522 individual 1-hectare plots, forming an exclusive residential community. This successful development in the serene surroundings of Rietvlei, Pretoria, offers residents a prestigious and tranquil living environment, exemplifying its appeal and desirability.

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